Frank and Kathie Mayhew have visited Uganda three times, leading groups of Rotarians and non-Rotarians. In January, 2006 they visited six villages along with local Rotarians to interview the villagers to determine what they think their needs are to help them lift themselves up out of extreme poverty. Every village had the same problems: lack of clean water; malaria; lack of adequate diet and the inability of the kids to attend school. This trip confirmed the philosophy behind Ending Poverty--One Village at a Time through Adopt a Village.

Frank and Kathie have given their program to over 50 clubs in the western United States and Canada and have gotten over 25 clubs involved in funding projects. In eastern Africa Rotary clubs in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania have become involved in the process of Adopt a Village. Several other countries in Latin America and Southeast Asia have expressed interest in the Adopt a Village concept.

If you would like to have the program of Ending Poverty--One Village at a Time, or would like to have more information, contact Frank and Kathie at:

Frank and Kathleen Mayhew
Sebastopol, California Rotary